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Refractive Surgery

TLC Laser Eye Centers

Dr. Sherman is affiliated with the La Jolla offices of the TLC Laser Eye Centers network, the world leader in laser vision correction. Dr. Sherman provides pre-operative and post-operative care for his patients seeking PRK (Photo-refractive Keratectomy) and LASIK (Laser Assisted in-Situ Keratomuleusis).

More Information About TLC Affiliated LASIK Doctors

At the Oceanside office, Christine has had the LASIK surgery and will be happy to discuss her experience with you, or you can Email us your questions at office@eyesiteoptometric.com.

Pre Operative

Your pre operative evaluation with Dr. Sherman is an important step in the surgery process. The pre operative data gathered at this evaluation includes a history of your past medical and ocular condition, an assessment of your current visual status, and an eye health evaluation, including dilation, will be performed. Doctor Sherman will also discuss with you your expectations and lifestyle needs.

Your pre operative consultation appointment with your surgeon, will be scheduled after your pre operative evaluation with Dr. Sherman is complete. During your consultation, the surgeon will review your visual data, verify the health of your eyes, and a computerized Corneal Topography will be performed. Questions or concerns you may have about the procedure will be discussed and you will be given instructions needed prior to the procedure.

The Surgery

To begin the LASIK surgery, numbing drops are applied to the eyes, and the eyelids are held open. The surgeon creates a thin flap on the front of the eye. The flap is gently lifted and the laser then precisely reshapes the corneal tissue underneath to correct the focus of the eye. The flap is repositioned and naturally holds itself in place, healing without the need for stitches. Clear protective shields will be placed over your eyes.

Post Operative

Your first post operative visit with Dr. Sherman will be scheduled for one day after surgery. To insure the best possible results, additional post operative visits with Dr. Sherman will be scheduled over the next six months.

Corneal Topography, a mapping of the eye

Computerized Corneal Topography is a mapping of the shapes of the cornea surface. A knowledge of the shape of your cornea can assist your doctor to evaluate your visual condition and decide on types of correction best for you. A corneal mapping is one part of the prescreening evaluation of refractive surgery patients, and is useful after surgery to evaluate the outcome and stability of the procedure.

The Procedure

A Corneal Topographer is a computer linked to a device designed to capture an image of a patient's cornea. The procedure is brief and painless. A common method projects multiple concentric rings on the cornea and captures the reflected image. Computer software then analyses this captured image and produces a map. The maps display color differences to describe the shape and steepness of the cornea surface, much like a topographic map of the earth's land surface.

What the maps mean

The topography of a normal vision cornea flattens progressively from the center to the edge, with small variations in pattern unique to individuals. The cornea for individuals with visual conditions, such as nearsightedness, have a more complex or irregular shape that affects the focusing ability of the eye.

Laser Surgery Questions and Answers

What does LASIK mean?

LASIK is an abbreviation for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, a laser eye surgery designed to change the shape of the cornea to eliminate or reduce the need for glasses and contact lenses.

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is without much pain. Some people experience a temporary mild discomfort and watering of the eyes after the procedure.

How long does the LASIK procedure take?

On the average, LASIK takes about 20 minutes to do both eyes, with the laser pulses lasting between 30 and 60 seconds.

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