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Welcome to Eye Site Optometric. Our office is conveniently located in Oceanside at the Tri-City Crossroads near the 78 freeway.

Dr. Sherman is known for his success in fitting contact lenses and is affiliated with the La Jolla offices of the TLC Laser Eye Centers network, the world leader in laser vision correction.

Paragon CRT lenses offer great vision and freedom from glasses and daytime contacts for both adults and children!

We now offer Corneal Refractive Therapy, a non-surgical approach to vision correction. You simply wear the Paragon CRT lenses at night and take them out in the morning. The result is clear vision the whole day.

More information about Paragon CRT Lenses

Wave Contact Lenses are custom designed from your corneal fingerprint.

Dr Sherman uses the Wave Design software to create a lens to fit the unique shape of your cornea. The custom Wave contact lens fit offers increased comfort and sharper optics, and has enabled many people with previous difficulty wearing contact lenses to become successful wearers of Wave Contact Lenses!

More information about Wave Contact Lenses

Eye Site Optometric     Phone: (760) 945-0222     Email: office@eyesiteoptometric.com
Address: 3809 Plaza Drive, Suite 103 Oceanside, CA 92056 (Tri-City Crossroads at 78)